How many famous people that have tested positive for the coronavirus do you know?
How many of them died of this "terrible disease???
Let's wake up. We are getting fucked.

The vast majority of people dying because of Coronavirus are old people and people that are already sick with other diseases. Doctors agree that is because their immune system is weak. So why don't we hear about how to strengthen our immune system everywhere??? Who is profiting from us having a weak immune system? Who undermines it from an early age with tons of vaccines? Who then sells us drugs to compensate from the same weak immune system they destroyed in the first place?

La maggior parte delle persone che stanno morendo a causa del Coronavirus sono le persone anziane e quelle che già hanno altre patologie. I dottori concordano nel dire che è perchè il loro sistema immunitario è debole. Ma allora perchè non si vedono dappertutto pubblicità e propagande che ci informano di come rafforzare il nostro sistema immunitario???

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